Arpit Tak

Data and Products

• Over 6+ years of professional IT experience, with an emphasis on Big Data and Analytics solutions.
• Passionate about technology-based-start-ups, especially online marketplaces and SaaS companies.
• Worked on multiple start-ups and built the Tech pipeline from scratch in all 3 major cloud platforms: AWS/Azure/Google.
• Translate business propositions into quantitative queries and collect/clean the necessary data.
• Member of BigData Engineering Forum and meetups.
• Speaker at Walmart, Yahoo, Apigee, Linkedin, Sigmoid , Ola and other start-ups.
Specialties: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Bias for action (calculated risk taking in absence of complete information).



  • Batch 2020-2022 (Pursuing)

    Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad


  • Batch 2020


    Product Management

    Electives Taken:
        • User and Market Research
        • Product Planning & Analytics
        • Building an MVP
        • User Engagement, Growth and Monestsation
        • Agile Methodologies
        • Sketch, Wireframe and Prototypes
        • Product Launch & Marketing
  • Batch 2013

    Govt. Center for Converging Technologies

    Bachelor & Master in Computer Science

Work Experience

  • 15 Sept 2016 – Present

    Quotient Technology ( - bangalore

    Data Engineer

    • Responsible for Developing and Analyzing the user shopping and behavior pattern on for millions of happy customers in the world.
    • Responsible for data engineering functions including, but not limited to: data extract, transformation, loading, integration in support of enterprise data infrastructures – data warehouse, operational data stores and master data management.
    • Develop framework, metrics and reporting to ensure progress can be measured, evaluated and continually improved.
    • Architect & develop systems and processes to collect, transform, store and enable analysis of structured and unstructured data using SQL and Scripting.
    • Mentoring junior and interns in the organization.
    • Automated various applications via scheduling and API integration in ETL pipeline.
  • Jan 2016 – Aug 2016

    Focus Analytics - mumbai

    Spark Developer

    • Only Contributor and Developer of the project on Analytics platform with 100% ownership.
    • Developed pipeline to monitor and track user footfalls in shopping malls and send them notifications (discount coupon/offers of nearby store) on their mobile app with 85% accuracy based on based on exact current location. • Create reports for analyzing user footfall in malls (footfall in particular mall/city/Store).
    • Developed and Implemented complete architecture from scratch which analyze user activities: how many times he visits shopping mall in a month, which store he buys products, how much time he spends in food courts etc.
  • 1 April 2015– 30 Nov 2015

    Vizury - bangalore

    BigData Developer

    • This project aims to re-target users who drop off from websites(ecommerce,hotels,flights,app) across other websites (publisher) on the internet.
    • Worked with Operations and Ad Serving Team to identify important KPI metrics (Impression - Click - Sales) requirements and implemented it maintaining product vision and revision updates. Build the re- targeting model (retain back dropped off customers) by showing them Media Ads on any publisher.
    • Increased the NEW USER Sales ratio by 3 to 25%in the first 3months of its launch.
  • July 2013 - Sept 2014

    Sigmoid Analytics - bangalore

    Software Developer

    • Worked on various Big Data open source framework (Map Reduce tools: Hive, Impala, Shark)
    • Design Business-News App for Android/iPhone users to read news based on his/her selected feeds and categories. • Developed a full-fledged crawler in python using Feed parser. This crawls data from various news sources and inserts into elastic search in real time.
    • Developed a Recommendation Engine using Apache Stanbol (90% accuracy) which resolves entities from news. Those entities were used for showing similar type of news in app which had a maximum score (i.e. redirecting same news to different news portal)
  • Aug- Nov 12

    Newgen Software Technologies - New Delhi

    Software Engineering,Intern

    • Designed and created Credit Amendments and Loan Approval Process.
    • Data insertion and routing is done in SQL and integration is done with API based on JAVA .

Tech Skills

  • Apache Spark
  • Shark
  • Hadoop
  • Java
  • SparkSql
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Pig
  • HBase
  • Python
  • ElasticSearch
  • Scala
  • Azkaban
  • Information Retrieval

ProdMan Skills

  • User Research : Surveys, User Interviews, Contextual Inquiry
  • Personas and User Journey Mapping
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Agile Methodologies
  • SQL
  • Usability Testing
  • Wireframing
  • Product Analytics

Technical Talks

  • Yahoo

    Given talk on Scheduling Hadoop and Bigdata Jobs , Detecting and Resolving Hadoop Job Failures and internals of Azkaban.

  • Apigee

    In-memory cluster computing on 1TB wikipedia data and showing its performance with response less then 20-30 secs.

  • Linkedin

    Spark 2.0 ; The Tungsten Engine and Catalyst

  • Sigmoid

    Oozie ; Scheduling BigData Jobs

  • Walmart

    Queries with bounded errors and bounded response time using BlinkDB on 500 million records taken from Berkeley Amplab data.

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